Hard Rock Weddings FAQ

Q. What are the benefits for booking a Hard Rock wedding?
A. Hard Rock offers excellent benefits such as free nights, free events, free upgrades, and free wedding. These benefits depend on how many room nights you have in the group. You also will have a wedding planner included in your package so you don’t have to hire an outside planner.

Q. How soon should I reserve my date?
A. As soon as you have a date in mind you should contact a Hard Rock Wedding specialist to reserve your date and group block. This gives you the most choice for ceremony dates/times and best room block rates. See more

Q. Is there a free wedding package?
A. Yes! Hard Rock offers a complimentary wedding package that you can customize as little or as much as you would like.

Q. When will I start planning the details of my wedding?
A. You will be assigned a wedding coordinator approximately 6-7 months in advance and will start planning then. Hard Rock also offers a Diamond Planning package for $1000 which allows you to be assigned a planner once the contract is signed and planning can begin immediately.

Q. When can I choose my event locations?
A. Once you are assigned your wedding coordinator you can make the request. Locations are not confirmed until 30-45 days prior. You are able to pay a deposit of $50 per person to confirm your location in advance and this deposit will be applied to your wedding costs. So if you have a very specific location you would like, then I recommend paying the deposit to reserve it.

Q. Do I need a room block or can guests book on their own?
A. Yes, I highly recommend a room block to lock in rates and room availability. Hard Rock is very popular and sells out often, so if you don’t have a room block and the resort sells out before all of your guests have booked, they won’t be able to get a room.

Q. Can guests book through their own travel agent or an online booking site?
A. No, guests need to book through the same source so it is important to make them aware that they need to book their room in the room block to be included in your events and for you to receive credit for their room toward your complimentary nights and events.

Q. I don’t know how many guests will actually come, how do I know how many rooms to hold in my group block?
A. Make a list of the for sure guests like parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles, bridal party, etc. that will be going for sure and then make another list for the maybes. We will take the number of rooms needed from list 1 and half of list 2, and this usually gives a good number for the rooms needed. Group blocks are flexible so we can add more as long as they are available and cancel extras with no penalty by a date they give us in the group contract.

Q. How will my guests book their rooms?
A. Island Vows provides a booking link or a one page website for guests to reserve their room. Guests pay a deposit to book and can make additional payments anytime up to the date final balance is due.

Q. What about airport transportation?
A. Roundtrip airport transportation is offered when guests complete the booking form to reserve their room. They can choose from shared or private.

Q. Is travel insurance offered?
A. Yes, travel insurance is offered to guests when reserving their room.

Q. How many nights do guests usually stay?
A. In my experience, guests usually stay 3-4 nights but some stay longer to make it a vacation. Dates are flexible for guests so they can stay whatever dates work for them as long as the minimum is 3 nights.

Q. I have two friends reserving a room together, can they pay separately?
A. Yes, when they complete the booking form they can note in the special request box who they are sharing with and we will put them in a room together and send invoices separately.

Q. Which Hard Rock is best?
A. Good question! Each resort is different but similar as far as theme, vibe, service, and quality. They differ by location, beach, room sizes, extras like night clubs or water parks, some are spread out and some more compact. I am happy to explain the differences.

Q. How much will a Hard Rock wedding cost?
A. There are many variables that go into the total cost of a wedding such as how many guests, the type of decor, if you add a DJ, dancefloor, lighting, or other extras. You can estimate costs at this link.

Q. Why should I use Island Vows?
A. We specialize in Hard Rock weddings and have had more weddings per year at the various Hard Rock resorts than any other agent in the country. Cherie has had over 200 Hard Rock weddings and is very experienced with their wedding contracts, group blocks, wedding planners, resort staff, and upper management and has the contacts needed to resolve any issue.

Q. What does a destination wedding specialist (travel planner) do for me?
A. As your Destination Wedding Travel Planner (often referred to as a Destination Wedding Travel Agent or a Group Travel Agent), we help you choose a destination, resort, and wedding package that matches your needs and budget. Once we narrow down the options for you and you make your resort choice, we request the wedding contract and confirm your wedding date and time. Once confirmed, we set up a wedding group block with group rates so guests can begin reserving their rooms. We also answer guest questions, make changes and requests, and provide travel information.

You will be assigned a wedding coordinator to assist with your planning, but we are always available to assist with questions or provide information as needed.

Q. Is there a fee to have you book our wedding and group block?
A. No, Island Vows does not charge fees and there is no extra cost to you or your guests for booking with us.

Q. Can I bring my own photographer?
A. Yes, as long as they stay at least 3 nights in the group the outside vendor fee will be waived.

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