All-inclusive resorts aren’t necessarily expensive when you add in everything that you receive for the prepaid rate.  The question is how much value are you getting for your money.

Take a hotel room for 2 people in a city where you may vacation in the U.S. , say Chicago, Atlanta, New York, Denver.  Any of these would cost you minimum of $250 per night plus tax and probably much more.

So take the $250 plus tax and you have roughly $275 per night.  Now add on all of the food, room service, alcohol, beer, wine, bottled water or anything else that you would have in a day while on vacation.  That could easily be $60 to $150 per person per day.  So we will take the low end of $60 per person.

Now add on a beach, lounge chairs, tropical weather, sunshine, music, activities, friends, family – can you picture it?  Okay, that is worth something, correct?

And don’t forget to add on a premium for the time of year.  Getting out of winter is going to come at a higher price.

So now we have the room at $275 per night, food at $120 minimum per day for two people, and ambiance which is pretty much priceless.  The total for 2 people at the low end would be $395 per night.  If you are spending roughly $200 to $250 per person on an average resort for all-inclusive that seems really fair.  If you are at a luxury resort such as Unico, Hyatt Ziva/Zilara, Secrets, Ava, Live Aqua, you really need to add to the budget.

Instead of looking at an all-inclusive as expensive, look at the value you are receiving and compare to what you would spend in the U.S. on a similar vacation.  Many of my destination wedding groups have never traveled to an all-inclusive but when they return they are ready to plan their next vacation!  It’s easy, it’s relaxing, it’s a great value.

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