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Once you decide to have a destination wedding it’s time to find a TA (travel agent) to assist you.  All TAs are not destination wedding specialists and many have never handled a group.  So it’s very important to find someone that has your best interests in mind and has experience in destination weddings.  A good DW specialist can assist you in finding the perfect resort and destination for your wedding.

Some couples look for the cheapest rate, which TAs can provide as well, but by choosing the least expensive doesn’t mean that you will have a good experience or even save money.   A destination wedding is not the time to try DIY (do it yourself).  You need someone to assist you even though you may think you don’t!

It’s not like shopping for a car or a new pair of shoes where price is the only thing that matters when you are getting an object for your money. When you look for a photographer, accountant, child care, attorney, decorator, or any other professional for advice and to take care of something important to you, do you want the cheapest even though they may have no experience or haven’t worked with the resorts?  Many TAs work with the same suppliers and have the same or very similar rates, so if someone is giving you a much lower rate there may be a reason. Use the recommendations of other brides and ask for references.

There are no fees or additional costs for my services and I would be happy to help you plan your wedding in Mexico or the Caribbean.  Some of my favorite resorts are Hard Rock, Palace, and Secrets/Dreams/Now.  They all offer excellent comps and benefits to couples and have amazing, customizable wedding packages.

Have an amazing day!  And remember Price is what you pay, value is what you receive.


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When you book a vacation or plan to attend a destination wedding, of course you plan to go no matter what!  Well, that no matter what can happen and can cause you not to be able to go.  Protect yourself with travel insurance!

Travel insurance typically covers cancellation for unforeseen circumstances.  It also covers medical expenses while in the destination, flight delays, lost luggage, and more.

So what happens if a day or two before vacation you have an appendicitis attack and need to have surgery?  What happens if you fall and break your leg and can’t go on your hiking trip to Costa Rica?  The money you have paid most likely is lost since airlines won’t refund your ticket and many hotels require cancellation at least 10-30 days prior to arrival.

What happens once you are in paradise and you step on a shell on the beach and cut your foot and need stitches?  That quick trip to the resort doctor could cost upwards of $400.  A trip to the hospital could cost thousands of dollars.  Any costs incurred must be paid before they allow you to leave.  With travel insurance your medical costs would be reimbursed.  Most employer’s insurance plans do not cover you outside of the country.

When you book your next vacation, make sure to take a look at the travel insurance and seriously consider it.